Can nice guys finish first?

Can nice guys finish first?


They say that nice guys finish last.  If you want to get ahead, you gotta be cruel.  In fact, if you listen to some people, you'd think only psychopaths can achieve their dreams.  You know the kinda people I mean: those survival-of-fittest, 'trillionaire mindset' influencers on YouTube.  The kind that'll sell you a 30 minute course for $5000 on how to 'think like a billionaire' (translation: be a piece of garbage to everyone in your life and scam people into buying your useless online courses).

Now I'm not a multi-bazillionaire, so maybe my opinion doesn't count for much.  Then again, none of those 'think yourself wealthy' YouTubers are either so I'll give you my ten cents anyway.  It doesn't seem likely to me that Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates got to where they are by walking all over their friends and family.  Well…maybe Elon Musk, but I know for a fact that Bezos counts the support he received from his mother and step-father as being integral to his success.

In my experience, I'm only where I am today - in a country I love, building my dream business - because of my friends and family: their always illuminating advice; the shoulders they lent me to cry on in the bad times; the parties they helped me throw in the good times.  You see, friends, family, the people we love, they're a team.  And a team that cares about you will go out of its way to help you in the good times and the bad.

Again, I'm not multi-bazilion-gazilionaire, or anything, but, I have never gained anything from being cruel to the people I care about.  People need people.  We need each other and, when we surround ourselves with good people, it only makes us stronger.

So, do you need to be a psychopath to get ahead?  No.  Be kind to those that love you and you will build the best team you can.  With a foundation like that, success can only be around the corner.



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