About Us

The Brand

LASAWNHA was created for black women living in Japan. Our bodies are different. That's what makes them beautiful, but it also means it's a struggle to find clothes that fit - especially in Japan. As for online shopping? By the time that dress you fell in love with arrives, its long out of style.

LASAWNHA guarantees clothes that fit, as well as faster shipping than international sellers. How? We are based right here in Japan.


The Designer

 Lasawnha is a Jamaican woman who has lived in Japan since 2019.

In Jamaica, she made custom outfits for weddings and formal events, quickly building a loyal customer base. This led to her appearing on Smile Jamaica, all while pursuing her degree in Apparel Design, Production and Management at the University of Technology Jamaica. 

Since moving to Japan, Lasawnha has realized how hard it is for women like her to find high quality fashion that actually fits. She has decided to change that. How? By producing high-end fashion that black women of all sizes can look and feel comfortable in.